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Finding Reliv was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I feel great, I love what I do and I’m building the life I’ve always wanted. Sound like something you’d want to be a part of? 

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Dave and I had been retired about 6 years as of July 2001.  We needed more income. We were just too active to live on a fixed income. We were looking for a business the both of us could do together. We were sure multi-level marketing was not our answer but then neither was the conventional business we looked at.

Dave suffered with severe headaches, from Viet Nam, for thirty years and got to losing four days a week! He had problems with a hip and he was disabled because of it. Between the headaches and the discomfort of the hip, I honestly thought that I would lose my wonderful husband to a nursing home and we would lose the farm and I would have to move to town.  The farm is paid for but I can’t take care of 21 acres by myself. Since taking the Reliv products, he has seen an overall improvement in his health including his headaches and hip discomfort! He doesn’t have to worry about his headaches now and his hip does not keeping him from enjoying life on the farm. 

I thought I was healthy – like most of us think and none of us are. But I suffered with severe fatigue and deep muscle discomfort. And for me that meant that moving air hurt my skin, and though I worked in accounting all my life I could no longer even balance my checkbook because of the thick fog in my head. My husband would reach out for me and I would jump and I neither one of us knew why. I have had a 15-year battle with severe breast discomfort. I’d gone thru all kinds of doctors and natural remedies but I had given up on life – I ran out of options – until we found Reliv. Who would have ever thought this stuff would help me in this area and give me energy and relief. Hot flashes and night sweats are a thing of the past. Before Reliv some days I didn’t get out of bed or dressed, I can breathe through my nose which I never could before. At 68 I can read 2 more lines on the eye chart so I’m back to what I could read at age 30.

 In 2013 we earned trips to Hawaii, Jamaica, and Costa Rica!! In 2014 we went on the cruise to Grand Turk and Cacaos. We loved our trip Quebec City, Canada. Jan 2015 we were #1 for the Paraiso Maya, Mexico trip for volume for November and December – what a shock!

They asked me to speak at the Impact West conference and we had a blast and while there we spent extra time with our downline friends at Disneyland.

1st calendar year we made $63,000, 2nd year 126,000. Fourteen years into the business we are earning between 10 and 18 thousand dollars a month. Our highest month we cleared over $43,000. We have been on 60 all or mostly paid trips with the company…we like to travel…you don’t have to. We were third in volume for all of 2009 and earned the Hawaii trip!!! And we earned the trip to Lake Tahoe for becoming the 49th distributor out of 66,000 world-wide distributors to reach the Silver Ambassador level!! In the 14 years we’ve been in the business we have earned 76 Dr Ted awards (that is almost every other month for each month we’ve been in the business - that means we have had a volume of over $16,100 in a month) and we have earned 8 humanitarian awards (and that is over $30,100 in a month).

What it has meant for us is I now have my horses back and a nice big riding barn, the old house that wasn’t 1,000 sq feet is now almost 3,000, Dave has his big tractor collection now and we can stay on the farm we love while travelling often. We’ve taken our business very seriously. But what it means-bottom line-is that I am working with more purpose and passion than ever before in my life. I can’t imagine doing anything but this business.